Why prefer Linux Reseller Hosting over Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is one of the best choices for every new business owner who wants to make a profit in a short span of time. Reseller Hosting requires you no infrastructure, no initial large capital, no server maintenance cost, and no stress to hire technical experts. All you need to do is find the best Reseller Hosting provider who could give you the highest uptime, reliability, security, scalability, flexibility, technical support, and much more.

While buying a reseller hosting package, you are asked to choose between the two operating systems – Linux and Windows.

Linux Reseller Hosting gives you an open-source network that requires no license to operate and permission to modify the existing settings.

On the other hand, Windows Reseller Hosting requires a paid license to operate. You cannot make any changes to the existing application and softwares of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

In the next section, we will read about the top reasons to buy Reseller Hosting Linux over Windows.

Top 5 Reasons to buy Linux Reseller Hosting over Windows Reseller Hosting

Control Panels

With Windows Reseller Hosting, you get only Plesk Control Panel, whereas, with Linux Reseller Hosting, you get both Plesk control as well as cPanel.

Control panels help you manage your reseller hosting account easily. Control panels allow you to perform functions like creating email accounts, creating subdomains, managing FTP clients, adding databases, and much more.


When it comes to security, Linux Reseller Hosting is more secure than Windows. Virus developers and hackers find it really very difficult to break through servers based on Linux. You are not required to spend a lot of money on buying anti-viruses to protect your important files and data.

Perfect for programmers

The Linux operating system supports virtually all the most common programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.). Moreover, it offers a wide range of useful applications for programmers.

Most developers choose Linux over windows due to its easy adaptability to programming languages. Bash scripting is also one of the most compelling reasons why programmers prefer Linux OS.


Since Linux is an open-source network, you can customize your server setting and configurations the way you want. At the same time, customizability is not at all possible with windows due to strict security and restrictions on the usage of this operating system.


When it comes to pricing, the Windows Reseller Hosting package is more costlier than the Linux Reseller web Hosting. Windows requires paid licensing to operate, which makes its cost pricier than Linux. Whereas Linux doesn’t require any license hence it is the cheapest option to opt for.


When it comes to usability, Linux requires more technical knowledge but makes your complex task easy. In contrast, Windows is a user-friendly OS and requires the least technical knowledge to operate. But, windows hamper your work ability due to various restrictions on the usage of applications and software.


With the best Linux Reseller Hosting, users have full control over updates. They can install Linux-based servers anytime they want without facing any downtime. Whereas, with Windows Reseller Hosting, you cannot put your update on hold. You have to install updates for the smooth running of your server immediately. Moreover, the windows update takes more time to install and gives you downtime.

More Features

No matter which server you buy, Shared, VPS, or Dedicated, you will definitely get either operating system Linux or windows to work with. While comparing the operating systems’ features, you will come to know that Linux has comparatively more features than Windows.


After knowing the advantages of using Linux over Windows, what do you think?

Do you still want to continue with Windows or want to switch to Linux Reseller Hosting? If you agree with the points mentioned above, I would like you to make a switch as soon as possible.

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