Top 9 Google Maps Alternatives

Google maps is one of the most popular navigation apps among users. With its superb features, every person relies on the application when it comes to navigate directions and search for any place.

Being one of the best applications of mapping services, it offers the up to date data to the users. However, as it is commonly known that every coin has two sides, Google Maps, besides its superb features, collects a lot of personal data of the user. It collects data from the Google Maps app as well as the GPS location settings of your smartphone. According to a recent report, Google can get a lot of information from this data and can know several details about your whereabouts.

Getting mapping services without giving information about your current location is quite challenging. However, you can limit the data that Google Maps use by making some changes in your settings.

A completely private app that provides mapping service does not exist for most of the platforms. But, there are several alternatives to Google Maps that you can opt for and enjoy wonderful features. Here are the best Google Map alternatives.

What are the Best Google Maps Alternatives?

  • OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is similar to Wikipedia when it comes to its working. It is totally managed by people who use the services of the platform. Anyone can use the maps for anything and add information to them. The information on the platform is updated with aerial photography, GPS devices, and some other free sources of information.

You can even suggest changes in the maps if you find any error in the directions. The best thing about this web-based service is that the privacy policy clearly says that only limited data is collected which is not linked to the user profile. You don’t even have to log in with the platform to use the services. There is no official app for the maps but the Foundation has optimized the maps for smartphones.


MAPS.ME is another good alternative to Google Maps. With this app, you can download the maps on your smartphone and use it for navigation purposes without any internet connection. Don’t worry, the app does not take a lot of storage on your smartphone. The interface of the app is a little crowded, but you will get fantastic features like road and off-road routes, walking directions, hiking trails, footpaths, etc.

Moreover, the app provides you with several travel guides for different destinations around the globe. Some of them are free but for some, you have to pay a subscription-free. The app also provides you with the most comfortable way to your destination. However, it may be even the longest way to your destination.

  • Citymapper

It is a public transport app that allows you to move around the world’s top cities using buses, subways, trains, and other modes of public transportation. The scope of the app is limited but the app performs its core function properly without any glitches or errors. The service is fully optimized for Android, iOS, and web use. With this app, you will get an up-to-date database of all the public transport routes of the cities supported by it. Moreover, you can keep a list of the favorite places you visit with this application.

  • Pocket Earth

The application is available for iOS devices only. It uses the data provided by OpenStreetMap to offer you navigation services for different locations around the world. In this app, you get several organizational tools to further enhance your search. For example, you get pins to pin the location which further can be categorized into custom groups.

The app offers plenty of layers and you get a lot of flexibility in watching the details of these layers and details of the maps. You can even link the Wikipedia layer that acts like an online encyclopedia for the map. So, you can get detailed information about various locations on your maps. The basic version of this maps app is free. If you want to upgrade to other exciting features and topographical maps then you have to pay the subscription fee.

  • OsmAnd

OsmAnd is one of the best alternatives to Google Maps. With this app, you can download the maps and use them offline. So, even if you are not getting any signal to your smartphone at any location, you can use the map service to get the correct directions. The maps are quite detailed and you can get a lot of information about the route with this app.

The app works smoothly on Android and iOS devices. The interface of the app is a little crowded but it offers you minute details about the route. You can break the maps into different road elements like street lighting, toll road, road surface, etc. Moreover, you get full control to fine-tune the elements that you need while navigating the directions.

  • Bing Maps

Owned by Microsoft, it is one of the strong contenders of Google Maps. Priorly, it was known as MapPoint. The maps service comes with tons of amazing features that you can use while navigating directly to your favorite destination. From traffic overlay to 3D map representation, you can customize the setting according to your requirement and plan your journey accordingly. With a street view, you can further enhance your navigation experience with this mapping service. The Bing Maps are fully optimized for web use.

  • Waze

This community-driven map service is highly interactive when it comes to its interface and offers unique features. The app warns other drivers about the changes in traffic on the route, information about speed cams, hazards, and other elements on the route.

You can get information about several other elements on the route which is updated by the different users of the app, commonly known as Wazers. You can even track the location of your friend with live tracking. The app offers trip planning with scheduled departures so you can plan your trip smoothly. The app works properly on Android and iOS devices and is fully optimized for web use.

  • Here WeGo

With supporting over 200 countries, the Here WeGo app comes with a clean interface that you can use for navigation and mapping services. Besides getting detailed information about the route, you get detailed information on the public transport. The app works smoothly on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the maps are totally optimized for web use. WIth Here WeGO, you can even download the maps and use them in offline mode. So, in case you are not able to connect with the internet, you can still use the maps for navigating the directions.

  • MapQuest

If you love to travel through public transport then MapQuest is the best app that will offer you tons of unique services. Besides basic navigation services, you can book public transport cars from the app and get quick updates about the local transport in the area. If you like to walk to your destination, you will get information about the calories you burn on the way to your destination. There are several advanced features in the app that makes it one of the top contenders against Google Maps.

Final Verdict

Here are the top alternatives to Google Maps. Every option has its own perks and functionality and we have described the top features of every service. Go through the whole list before you make your choice.

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