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A domain age checker tool is built to find the actual age of any website or domain on the internet. Using a domain age checker tool you can easily identify the domain age of any website. It might be your competitor, the site you want to build links, expired domain or the domain you want to buy from someone. 

What is Domain Age?

A domain age refers to the time when the domain is bought from a domain name registrar. For example if a domain is registered in 2016, in 2023 the age of a website is 7 years. 

Reasons to Check any Website Domain Age

A domain's age is not directly a ranking factor but there are lots of chances that in these years the domain has done some work on it to improve their search engine ranking and make their website popular. However there are many reasons to check website domain age that are mentioned below - 

  • You have an offer from a website owner in your niche to buy their domain: This is one of the most common reasons to check domain age of any website. Before buying a website from someone you want to make sure that the website is old because how old the website is. There are lots of chances that your target audience knows this domain and some backlinks are built for the website and both are important for you.
  • You find an expired domain and want to buy it: This is another most obvious reason to check the domain age of a website. Before buying an expired domain you want to make sure that the website has some potential which helps you to improve your search engine ranking and domain is one of the reasons. 
  • You want to know the website performance on search engines: If you want to know the performance of any website, you can consider domain age as a factor. Because there are lots of chances that an old age website will perform well in search engines in terms of getting traffic from organic and direct searches. 
  • You want a domain with a reputation: If you found an old domain then it already has a more reputation compared to a new domain. For a new domain you need to build its reputation from scratch, on the other hand an old domain already has a good reputation.
  • You want to Analyse the Work Done on Domain: An old age domain does not mean it always gives you positive results. Sometime it is found that the website owners have done blackhat seo techniques to improve their rank quickly and got penalized by search engines. After finding an old age domain it is required to check the website manually and see what past work has been done on the website.

How to Use MyBizsGrowth Domain Age Checker Tool?

After considering all the above factors, if you want to check the age of your website you can simply use our best website domain age checker tool for free. Process to check domain age using our tool is very easy. You just need to enter the website on the box and click on the Get Domain Age button. Within a second you got the domain age of your website.

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