React.js Books that You Can Read to Improve your Coding Skills

Are you looking to deep-dive into the world’s most popular JavaScript library? Would you define yourself as a beginner or an expert? This article covers a variety of options, from beginner courses to expert books. Keep reading.

In a world where we mostly rely on video tutorials, books are somehow neglected. And yet, we consider them to be the best way to collect React.js skills, as we are discussing a very declarative and component-rich library. It has become so popular in the business world that developers can’t see the end of job offers. This makes it one of the most desired development skills out there.

The Road To React

As insinuated by the title, this is a book that leads you directly from the core of React.js to its most advanced features. It is, without doubt, one of the best books ever to be written on this topic.

We mostly recommend it to beginners, as the book explains in detail the fundamentals of the framework. It follows a step-by-step approach to a complete mastery of the skill.

The chapters are written in a consequent and intuitive manner, building up on what you have already learned on each page.

FullStack React

To be a great developer, you need an end-to-end understanding of how development works. Thereof, you can’t treat app development as an isolated skill. All experienced developers go through the process of learning multiple disciplines. It is only then that they can apply the knowledge.

This book, for instance, features advice from many prominent experts. For example, there is Anthony Accomazzo, Ari Lerner, Nate Murray, Clay Allsopp, Tyler McGinnis, and David Guttman. No other book on the subject gives you a chance to learn from all of them at once.

The book helps us understand several frameworks. Thanks to it, you can determine ways to understand and use full-stack development. Topic by topic, you will become more and more confident in the skill, and gain extensive experience in many topics like Vue, for example, alongside React. js. Next thing you know, you’ll be selling Vue software development services to clients.

React and React Native

If you already master JavaScript and want to become a React expert, put this book on the list. It provides an excellent overview of the main React features and explains all of the key functions, such as React Hooks. It will also enrich your knowledge with best practices, and help adopt more advanced techniques such as working with GraphQL.

Still, the beginners among you should not feel discouraged from checking this book out. As advanced as they may be, the topics discussed in this book are real-world examples. They help understand what React is and how it improves development. Plus, it is one of those books you will keep and reuse in the future.

In a way, this book is a guide to building both web and mobile applications and discusses a lot of successful projects that can inspire you.

HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide

This book, on the other hand, focuses on multiple different web technologies. It will help you learn to React alongside HTML, JavaScript, Git, and other tools. You will know everything you need to be able to walk into the web development world without concerns.

From beginner to pro, this ebook serves simply anybody. It was written as an end-to-end study guide. This means it offers bite-size lectures with illustrations, examples, and tested roadmaps. It will turn you into a master of all React.js components, including Virtual DOM, JSX, Component Cycle, Hooks, and more. Thanks to it, you will specialize in useEffect, useMemo, useState, React Suspense, and good and bad practices. It is a great tool to master GraphQL too.

You assumed so far already, but we are talking about a book of 400+ pages of valuable content. The best part about it I that the author keeps updating it. There are 3 versions at the moment, and new ones are already announced. In total, these books offer more than 50 real-life projects and checklists for every web developer out there. You will be happy to know that the author offers newer versions for free.

Learning React

Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux, is another practical guide on core React.js and Redux. It goes into detail when it comes to building new components.

Learning React is all about building elements and packing practical user interfaces. Thanks to it, you will understand the key elements of functional programming. You will also gain valuable insights into component trees and presentation layers. The book is not only about what React is, but also about what it can do in the hands of the right JavaScript developer.

The Road to React by Robin Wieruch

Robin Wieruch also did some excellent work helping developers learn React. The German developer has lots of JavaScript experience and has also developed a fair share of React components himself.

His book demonstrates how React returns data to the users, which is one of the most important JavaScript operations. It is a great idea to follow his work to expand programming knowledge, be that React.js or other topics. The book is particularly helpful to beginners and inexperienced developers.

React in Action by Mark Tielens Thomas

Here comes a masterpiece that highlights the importance of front-end development. On its pages, you can follow the entire process of creating queries and purchases via React.js, including potential issues.

Many developers relied on this book to build dynamic websites with a seamless experience. It inspires you to think of ways to help end users navigate to a topic of choice or lead them to the desired purchase.

Rather than a simple guide, this book gets you involved in hands-on experience with actual React components. You will get access to the tooling and the ecosystem, and gain HTML experience you did not count on from the beginning. It doesn’t only teach you how to use React, but also makes you think about how to improve it in the future. Further on, it tackles topics such as components, libraries, and the entire philosophy of web development. You can even explore and test different interfaces for mobile apps.

Fullstack React

Last but not least, Fullstack React focuses on projects and actual applications. It discusses the forms and components of React.js, as well as data routing and testing.

This book is one of a kind due to its full-stack nature and explanation of web development. It goes beyond React and tackles other JavaScript applications. Use it to learn more about Redux, APIs, server-site rendering, and multiple other concepts.

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