Thursday, September 21, 2023

How to write a plagiarism-free article according to google core update?

Every new day, Google changes its policies and brings new updates to improve the search results and facilitate the users.

Sometimes the updates are more prominent and but most of the time google changes the policies at the backend just for the sake of better results.

Publishing unique articles on the website is another policy. Here users are cautioned to write exclusive content for the audience.

Some writers apply the technique to use copied text in the articles and publish it on their website. Such sites are never ranked on the SERP.

You have to be different from the others and write content free of duplication that can improve your rankings and generate more traffic on the page.

Why is it necessary to write plagiarism-free content?

To make the SERP better and improve the SEO of content, you have to be unique through your words. 

Most people upload lengthy articles without removing plagiarism from there. This leads to de-rank the website on search engines.

Google crawler rejects the content having duplication in it. So, bloggers need to use different words in the content.

You have to follow the google policies while writing the article, otherwise, your content will always be ignored by the search engine.

How to make the content free of duplication?

Here we will provide some tips to the users that can help them to generate unique content and get better rankings on search engines.

Writers can follow these steps to make the SEO of content better and engage more readers on the website.

  • Research the topic before writing 

If you start to write the article without proper research, you are doing injustice to yourself. Here you can add irrelevant lines in the content that are not related to the article.

Suppose you spent a lot of time writing a lengthy article but the content in it is not related to the topic.

All your efforts will be in vain as readers will get distracted while reading your article. So, it is necessary to get ideas from multiple resources.

Make proper research on the article and pen down the central ideas that can improve the quality of content and make it more striking.

You need to know what other writers are thinking about that article. So, you can have your thought over it and can produce something authentic.

  • Write your own words

After generating the ideas, you should add your own thoughts in the content that can help the readers and they can have something new to learn.

Remember, your words are never owned by anyone. Every person has his own opinion, so there is no need to be shy while presenting your ideas in the content.

This is the best tactic to avoid plagiarism in the article and make it unique according to google policies. 

It is also proof of this thing that you have a good idea about the content. Writers need to apply this step and make the text unique using this technique.

  • Usage of antiplagiarism tools

While writing the content manually, you don’t have an idea that the words or lines you are using in the article are used by someone earlier.

If the lines match with any of the content on the search engine, it can create big trouble for you to get rankings on the search engine.

Google dislikes the factor of plagiarism in the content and always prefer unique article with new ideas that can benefit the readers.

So, it is better to use a plagiarism checker that can detect the copied content in the article. 

These duplication detectors check every line on the search engine and highlight the parts that are matching with other sources.

Users can remove those highlighted lines and make the text unique. It can help them to make the content unique and get more traffic on the page.

  • Always proofread

The most important tip that one must follow before publishing the content, is to proofread it so the chances of mistakes become low.

Sometimes, you publish the content without reading it. You don’t know the mistakes that you made in the content – no matter it is a grammatical issue or spelling error.

This can have a bad impact and will result in de-ranking the article. So, you need to improve the quality of content by making proofreading.

Make the content error-free so it can create ease for the readers and they can easily understand the meaning of context.

Final verdict

Google has its own policies to rank the website. Users have to follow these rules to get traffic on the page.

It is necessary to make the content unique before publishing it on the search engine. Otherwise, you may face Google penalties.

You can avoid plagiarism in the content and make it unique by following the steps discussed in this article.

These steps can be quite beneficial for the writers to make the SERP better and engage more traffic on the page.


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