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How to SetUp WordPress Instant Indexing Plugin in Your Website?

Indexing is the procedure of adding pages to Google’s database so that these pages can be displayed in search results. Google keeps track of pages and content about those pages in its index, which it employs to rank them. It’s the first step in getting any organic traffic to your website. If your pages aren’t indexed, they will not be available in the database and so, Google and all visitors won’t be able to find them. As a result, it’s critical that your new material is crawled and indexed quickly and it applies to your previously published contents as well. Thus, to get instant crawling and indexing for your page, you can use the best Rank Math SEO’s WordPress Instant Indexing Plugin. This plugin makes requests to Google to crawl your content using the Google Instant Indexing API Platform.

Why Is WordPress Instant Indexing Plugin Developed By Rank Math?

Instant Indexing is an SEO WordPress indexing plugin that makes it simple for anyone to improve their content using built-in recommendations based on widely accepted best practices. It’s a quick and lightweight plugin that’s designed to work with your WordPress website, regardless of the SEO plugin you’re using. The most enticing feature of this plugin is that you can get it for free right now. 

With Structured data, you can easily adjust critical SEO parameters, such as which pages are indexable and how you would like your site to rank in search. Rank Math is meant to provide you with the right information at the right moment. The user interface is simple yet effective, highlighting key information about your postings within the post itself. You may instantly boost the SEO of your content by using this information. They have quite a good experience in the industry and working hard to improve their plugins functionality and performance.

Benefits of Rank Math’s Instant Indexing Plugin WordPress indexing plugin

  • Aids in ranking your page faster and get them to the audience quickly.
  • Improve your odds of ranking higher than your competitors.
  • The instant Indexing plugin allows you to get indexed or re-indexed faster, whether you’re publishing a new thread or updating an old one.
  • The WordPress indexing plugin is just as effective at deleting deleted content as it is at indexing new items.
  • It offers a one-time step and helps in keeping the search results up-to-date.
  • It has both the options of automatic or manual submissions and excludes custom post types.
  • These plugins are compatible with all SEO WordPress plugins.

Before giving you access to Google Search Console, Google must verify that you own (or manage) the website. Hence, you need to follow the below steps to connect your website to Google Search Console (GSC).

  1. Go to google api console and press the start a project button.
  2. Click on new project and enter the project name and ignore location and your API project is created successfully.
  3. Create a services account under the i am & admin menu in the navigation menu .
  4. After that, click the Create Service Account option shown below.
  5. Specify a name and description for the recently established service account on the Create service account screen.
  6. Since you’ll need it later, select and copy the entire Service Account ID which looks like an email address. Then, at the bottom, click the Create button
  7. Now select the role of the project as Owner and click on continue and finally click on the Done option.
  8. Return to the Service account page and, to the right of the service account ID, click the three dots to reveal the option to Create Key.
  9. By pressing the create Key button, you can now download the file that contains your API key.
  10. In the option, you need to enable API project key. Select a project where your application will be registered, choose your project, and click on continue.
  11. Click the ‘Go to Credentials’ option and select the API type and type of data console tab.
  12. Click on Configure Consent Screen.
  13. Go to Oauth consent screen and select external as user type.
  14. After this fill app information, user support email id, application homepage, application domain and developer email id.
  15. Add Domain and verify through google search console
  16. Go to google search console and select property you want to verify for instant indexing. 
  17. Select the 3-dots and select manage property owners.
  18. Again go to google API console and copy project key email id and use this email id to verify your ownership in google search console.

Configure the Instant Indexing Plugin in WordPress

  1. Insert Your API Key
    In your WordPress admin area, go to RankMath -> Instant Indexing Settings and paste in the contents of your JSON file, or simply upload the file.
  2. To get started, go to the Console tab. In the Instant Indexing area, type a URL (or more) and which you want to indexed, remove from search result and check status.

That’s it! With Rank Math’s Instant Indexing Plugin, you’ve successfully set up Instant Indexing for your website.


Instant Indexing is a ground-breaking SEO plugin with a modern and user-friendly design. While there wasn’t much to understand in this section, we hope you found the material useful and that it saved you much time to understand better setting up an instant link indexer for your website.


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