How do western systems and structures impact on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures?

The group of Groote Eylandt, Fraser Island, Kiwi Islands, Tasmania, and Hinchinbrook were Aboriginals found out by the Australian government. Among all of them, the majority section of Torres Island comes as a classification of Australian Aboriginals. The whole group of Australian Aboriginals is a mixture of different ethnic groups that dramatically starts half a million years ago.

In this article we are going through western systems and structures impact on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures, the impact of western system and structures aboriginalhow has western society affected aboriginal cultureaboriginal culture vs western culture, and how did European settlement impact aboriginal culture.  Also, we try to focus on different special characteristics of Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait islanders.

Who are Aboriginal Australians?

When it comes to Aboriginals, the construction of Aboriginals varied over the period. Its graveness can be different as per the family lineage, community acceptance, and self-identification. In the Pugnacious past of Australia, the definition of Aboriginal plays a vital role. In the current era, the government of Australia state that any individual can become a member of the Aboriginal community if the whole community declares him as one of them.

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Western systems and structures impact on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures

Since the beginning of Australia, the issue of Aboriginal people has a matter of interest. From the existence of hp-held the downtrodden peoples, the government of Australia applied numerous policies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. All the focus of the government is to increase upheld reconciliation, self-empowerment, assimilation, protections, etc. 

Impact of Western Systems and Structures Aboriginal

The sole purpose of the Government of Australia has to implement various policies to solve the problem of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. Due to the invasion of Europeans into Australia, dramatically Aboriginals had to lose their land as well as culture. On the contrary side, it affects positively by providing availability of vital and basic amenities like education centers, information technology, education centers, and many more. Due to the western systems and structures, the downtrodden community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander could expose to the global level. It also draws to the innate culture of Aboriginals with the modern technologies in the telecommunication sections.


Here we just discussed the positive impact of western systems on the Aboriginals. But as each coin have two sides; Western systems and structures impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture negatively also. With the numerous programs and schemes implemented by the Australian government, the gap between normal citizen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities has vanished. That still does not feel them as an empowered and independent group. It resulted in unemployment and poverty. 

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How Has Western Society Affected Aboriginal Culture?

The vast invasions of Europeans into the country divide the traditional customary and traditional authority practices of the Aborigines. You can easily examine it by looking at the colonial history of the country, you mark that Aboriginal has always been exploited by the intruders. The damage which was created by intruders was not limited to the mass media and the intoxicating substances but the government authorities were not even aware of the laws and culture of the Aborigine communities which make the condition more badly. Even you can that the impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is still irreversible. The result which was created by the culture, society, law system, and societal status of the community is deeper than you think.

The Mass Downfall in the Population of Indigenous People

As per the data, it is predicted that almost 90% of the indigenous population has been diminished. Here are the main reasons behind that sudden fall:

  • The land that was confiscated by the European invaders.
  • The outside (foreign) diseases were introduced by the Europeans.
  • The mass assassination was done by the Immigrants to indigenous people.

There was so many unknown contagious disease contacted to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community like Flu, Smallpox, Measles, Typhoid, etc. it plays a vital role to eradicate the indigenous population in the home country. According to the latest researches, just because of the Smallpox, more than half the populations of Australian Aborigines were obsolete.

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